AAD Custom Boats and Welding

Hamm's Fish Fry

Exceptional Quality from Unending Tradition...

At AAD we pride ourselves in being able to build the finest most durable longest lasting hunting or fishing boat in the industry. AAD has been building boats for over 15 years for some of the most extreme hunters, fishermen, or commercial fishermen.

We produce one boat at a time; therefore, your boat is getting sole attention from the ground up. The work on each and every boat is performed by only a select group of skilled craftsmen.

Construction of our boats and material may vary due to customers' specifications. Regardless of material used for construction, the quality and pride we take in each and every boat will remain the highest quality of craftsmanship in the industry.

AAD Custom Boats will stand up to the most extreme hunter or fishermen lifetime after lifetime. The beauty and durability will last for many years to come.

David R. Hamm
-owner AAD Custom Welding